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Ethical Leadership
Questionnaire Overview

Welcome to the Ethical Leadership Questionnaire microsite.  This tool originated in 2010 and presents some of our ongoing research projects in the field of organisational ethics.  Through these projects, we aim to provide organisations with validated tools designed to help them better understand the role of ethics at work, as well as its repercussions at both the individual and collective levels.

Suggesting a tool on ethical leadership:

The Ethical Leadership Questionnaire (EQL) is a scientifically validated tool designed to measure ethical leadership as demonstrated in complex decision-making situations.  The term complex refers more specifically to the concept of ethical dilemma as faced in the context of professional activities.  The ELQ allows the identification of three ethical dimensions, recognized in the psychology literature and embodied in the ethic of justice, of care and of critique.  The individual’s sensitivity to ethical considerations is also identified and measured.  Furthermore, the tool allows the participating organisation to determine whether it favours one or many ethical dimensions in the way it expresses its ethical leadership.  The EQL is now available online through a personalised and secure link.  The time required to complete the questionnaire is estimated at thirty minutes.

Once completed, two profiles can be generated: An individual profile, sent directly to the participant, as well as an organisational profile.  A training program on ethical leadership is also made available through the analysis of individual profiles and the generation of an organisational “ethical image”. 

Highlights of the ELQ:

  • Measures, explains and helps individuals to better understand their ethical profile and the ethical dimensions which shape their leadership;
  • Differentiates acquired ethical competencies and those which are currently emerging;
  • Evaluates the most significant ethical dimensions for both the individual and the organisation;
  • Is easy to administer and to complete, requiring an approximate involvement of 30 minutes per participant;
  • Is an in-depth and scientifically validated research tool;
  • Establishes links between individual and organisational ethical profiles;
  • Constitutes an important measurement of ethical leadership as demonstrated in everyday behaviour.

Overview of the ELQ (PDF)